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New Year's Resolutions: Scoring Your Professional Goals


The holiday season is a busy time meant to enjoy your family and friends.  We tend to go through December and January straying from our personal and professional goals, telling ourselves we will start working towards them again come the new year.  After enjoying that busy break, it can be hard to get motivated. Incorporating what you want to accomplish professionally into your New Year resolutions is a great way to get you back on track to achieve what you want to accomplish at work.


1) Identify your professional goals 

You cannot keep your eye on the prize if you don't know exactly what that prize is.  Do some soul searching, talk to mentors and colleagues, research what you need to and decide what you want professionally.   Keep something at your desk to remind you of what that is daily whether it be a favorite motivational quote, note to one’s self, or an article on topic.  Whatever helps remind you daily that you have something you want to achieve, even if it’s something small, can make a big difference in keeping focused.


2) Catch that early train

It can be difficult to have any time to spare on a week day morning, with car pools, getting a workout in before work, or even choosing an extra half hour of sleep...BUT, the old saying, "The early bird gets the worm" rings true. Many studies show that the most successful people are early risers and get much accomplished early in the morning. Getting to work 30 or 60 minutes early will allow you to accomplish things without distraction while enjoying some quiet time at work, starting the morning focused and driven. Get ahead of the day before it even starts!


3) Communication counts

It’s difficult to accomplish great things alone and most of us are part of larger teams at work. Make it a point to be a strong communicator when achieving your daily goals with your team at work as well as achieving your long-term career goals.  Try to not simply express challenges and complications. Instead, suggest possible solutions when communicating.  Keep things positive and never be afraid to reach out if it’s something that will benefit your operation. Talk to your managers or superiors you report to.  Make sure they’re aware you are goal oriented. They are people who want you to succeed as well! Communicating your desire to succeed and be in a successful environment is never a bad thing.

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By Rich Bono

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