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4 Remote Interview Tips to Help You Get the Job 


You applied for the job. You went through a screening call. And now you have a remote interview scheduled on a video call. Great! But how do you make sure you do your best in a remote setting? We have some tips that will help you have the best remote interview possible to land the job.


Figure out your questions and answers before the interview


Doing your research ahead of time in a remote setting is even more beneficial than doing it before in-person interviews. Why? Because you can have your notes nearby. Research the company you’re interviewing with and come up with questions you might have about the role before you interview, then write them down on a note pad.


Another research angle: look up popular interview questions and take some notes about how you would respond to them.


Getting the best lighting and background location on your video call


Lighting is one of the most important elements to consider in a remote interview. Make sure you have a bright light facing you during your interview so they can clearly see your facial expressions. It is also preferable to have your back to a wall versus a window, as windows will cast your silhouette in shadow.


Your background is just as important! The goal of the remote interview is to focus on you.  You don’t want to have any distracting movements or cluttered objects behind you.


Finally, make sure you can interview in a quiet place. Unexpected loud noises will detract from the interview and can make you look unprofessional.


Appearances matter


Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you should look like it. Ask what the dress code is at the company’s office ahead of the interview to get an idea of what to wear. A suit in a business casual setting might be a bit too much, while a t-shirt in a formal business attire dress code would look improper.


Making sure hair is combed, your face is clear, and your attire matches the company’s dress code will help you look your best to your prospective employer.


…And You’re Ready to Go!


We hope these remote interview tips provide you with the tools and confidence to ace the interview and get the job offer.


Beyond the interview


Are you interested in new career opportunities? We have job openings in legal, finance, healthcare, and more on our Find a Job page. Alternatively, you can send us your resume directly and we’ll be in touch!


By Jessica Prouty

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