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Don't Fret, College Grads!

There's no need to worry getting your career started. We've got tips to help you score your dream job.

As a recent college graduate, you might not know what the hiring trends are in the Boston area. I’m often asked whether one month or season is better than another to look for a job. Typically summer time you will see a hiring slow down or what we call the “summer slump”.

Don’t be afraid to keep pursuing job opportunities. It’s a good time to do your research and build your network by contacting your recruiters and alumni offices. Don’t get discouraged or be afraid to set up informational interviews during this time. The more people you contact and are aware that you are actively looking for a job the better. It’s amazing how one conversation can open another door for you. Laying the ground work for your job search during the summer can really pay off in the fall when the market picks up.

I always encourage candidates to not give up if you don’t hear back from potential employers during the summer months. Be proactive and keep a positive attitude. There are exceptions to this rule, so it’s very important to not find excuses and to keep pursuing new job opportunities no matter what season it is. Always remember, a job offer could be right around the corner, even when you are least expecting it!


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