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3 Tips for Returning to the Office

Here are three tips to help you transition back into an office work environment.
Here are three tips to help you transition back into an office work environment.

With more and more of us getting vaccinated and the recently-updated guidance from the CDC, we are hearing many companies making plans for a return to working on site or changing to a hybrid work model requiring employees to be in the office part-time. This return to "normalcy" or implementation of the "new normal" brings about many emotions that range from excitement or in some cases concern and anxiety. Here are three tips that might help if one is in a work situation that will require them to be back in the office after over a year of working remotely.

Tip #1: Communicate with your employer

If you have concerns about your safety, communicate them to your employer. Your manager and HR department should be able to address them and in many cases put your concerns at ease by explaining precautions they are taking for your protection, which could range from sanitary guidelines and hybrid work schedules to social distancing protocols.

Tip #2: Follow the rules

In most cases, there are distancing and mask wearing regulations that will be implemented in your work environment. They have likely been recommended to and researched by Human Resources and Senior Management in your company for your own safety. Like any other safety regulations, they should be followed. Make good choices on your own as well. If you are feeling under-the-weather, do not go in. Maintain personal hygiene and a clean work space as well. All of this promotes a safe workplace for you as we have good overall health for yourself and your coworkers.

Tip #3: Manage stress

Adjusting back to a daily commute and being on-site can be exciting but also stressful. It is important to manage that. Take your full lunch break, and manage your workload by working with your boss to set realistic goals time-wise. It may take some time to get back into this type of routine again.

It truly is a different world today than it was in March 2020, and that includes your workplace. It can still be a good workplace though! Many of the best rewards come from working through change. If you're looking for a new office to go to and a new career opportunity, send us your resume today.


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