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Career Resolutions For A Successful Year & Beyond


With the new year in full swing, it’s time to check up on your career goals and create some impactful resolutions for the new year that will take you to the next level.


Update Your Resume

Whether you’re searching for a new job or you’ve been at the same company for a few years, it’s always helpful to update your resume. You never know when the next opportunity will arise and having your resume ready to go is the best way to be prepared! Did you learn a new skill in the past year or were you featured in a prominent publication? Make sure to add it to your resume. Bonus: Updating your resume also lets you reflect on all of your recent accomplishments.

 ...And your LinkedIn

In today’s digital world, keeping your online professional profiles updated on sites like LinkedIn and Monster will help you build networking connections and even more career opportunities.


Find a Work Mentor

We talked about this in our previous blog entry as well, but we can’t stress this enough! Finding a strong work mentor can do wonders for your career. They can help you navigate through tough decisions, help develop your leadership skills and have a long-term impact on your career potential.


Declutter Your Workspace

The new year is the perfect time to organize your digital and physical clutter. Whether it’s cleaning up your filing cabinet, desk space, or your email inbox, you’ll feel even better with a fresh, clean space to focus on your work. Tip: Create a checklist of desk ‘essentials’ like pens, paper, tissues, etc. to make sure you have everything you need!


Take On a New Challenge

Push your limits even further this year by taking on a bigger project or contribute in creative, different ways to your team in the office. Not only will you be learning something new, you will feel even more empowered in your role at your company. Make sure your boss is in the loop with everything - you can use this as leverage during your annual review.


Make a List of Short Term and Long Term Goals

What would make you happier at work? It can be as simple as simple as changing up your desk space or working towards a promotion to a more senior level position. Take some time to think on what your short term and long term career goals are and write them down. This will help you prioritize, organize, and focus on what’s really important to you in your career.


Is one of your career resolutions for the new year a new job opportunity? We’d love to help. Send us your updated resume today to get started.

By Jessica Prouty

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