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job search tips during COVID-19

Job Search Tips During COVID-19


If you've lost your job during the COVID-19 pandemic, you are not alone.  You are part of a record-breaking number as the unemployment rate has not been close to this high since the Great Depression. We figured now would be a good time to share some helpful tips that will help you with your search for your next great position!


Stay Connected

It still very important to remain connected with your professional contacts.  Keep in communication with colleagues, former employers, and recruiters you have worked with.  Social media, email and even a phone call to check in make it easier than ever to stay in touch.  If there is not a position that is open to tell you about now, it will help them to keep you in mind when things pick up.  In many cases these are individuals who know you fondly and will be glad to help when they can.  Don't disappear as it is always advantageous to continue to network in any job market!


Stay Disciplined

Now more than ever it is imperative that you are regimented when it comes to your job hunt.  We recommend setting aside the same time each morning and again at the close of each business day where you are dedicated to your job hunt.  Check out new positions posted on on-line job boards, social media, and the web sites of companies of interest. Use this time to apply, submit resumes and research each company.  You must be disciplined and put the necessary work in to generate interest in your candidacy. Devote at least one hour during these times of day dedicated only to your search. There is an old saying in staffing that "Activity yields activity." You will feel productive and know you are giving it your 100% as well!

Stay Positive

It is easy to get discouraged and no one would blame you. The economy has changed dramatically and the competition for each open role is stiff, but there is still hiring going on and this difficult time shall pass. The economy will recover! Stay upbeat and manage your stress level as much as possible. Do things with free time that you enjoy and use this opportunity to try learning something new (a new fitness routine, computer software or new skill).  Keep your mind engaged and your health a priority.  Talking yourself out of doubt and insecurity will help you sustain a great mental attitude.  Throw positivity out to the universe and believe things will get better. You will land a fantastic opportunity that you deserve!

If you are interested in using a staffing agency to help you secure your next position, we would be happy to help. Send your resume to

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By Richard Bono

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