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How to Look Your Best Online for Your Next Job 


Whether you’re thinking about getting a new job or simply wanting a change, refreshing your online media presence is a great way to make sure you look friendly and professional to prospective employers. We’re sharing some quick tips to help you look your best across all of your social media platforms so you can get your dream job.


Remove Un-Professional Photos

Social media platforms like Facebook and search engines like Google will pull up images that you are tagged in first. Remember that photo your friend took of you at that party 10 years ago where you went skinny dipping? You probably don’t want that to be the first picture your prospective employer sees of you. Make sure you remove tags and/or completely remove pictures that you wouldn’t be comfortable seeing in your local newspaper.

Set Up Privacy Permissions

All of the major social media platforms have privacy settings that can keep your profiles available to your friends or followers, but private to everyone else. We recommend taking a look at your privacy settings on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and selecting privacy options that you are comfortable with that will maximize your professionalism.


Finalize Your LinkedIn Bio

Have you created a LinkedIn account yet? LinkedIn is the social platform that is geared towards your career and professional interests. Many of your co-workers are on the platform and create valuable business/professional networks on the site.


When making or updating a LinkedIn account, make sure you complete the following steps to make your profile stand out to prospective employers.


Keep Your Resume Up-to-Date

Do you have your resume uploaded online to sites like Monster, LinkedIn and Indeed? Make sure you keep your resume up-to-date on a regular basis. We recommend you set a reminder for yourself every 3 months to update your resume. Recent work experience, including recent accomplishments should be featured on your resume.


So have you taken your online presence to the next level with these tips? We would love to help you take your career to the next level as well. Send your resume to to get started.


By Jessica Prouty

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