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3 Things Hirers Should Know About In A Robust Job Market


As the economy gets better so does the job market for candidates. We have a surplus of jobs and gainfully employed talented individuals who are being more and more selective about where they choose to pursue their professional goals. Part of our job is to educate our clients on what the pulse is in terms of what a candidate wants and how fast we need to move from the screening process to getting an offer accepted. 


Many of our clients are very busy HR professionals that perform a variety of functions other than focusing just on recruiting, so they may not be aware of the hiring climate and how to be competitive enough to close the right candidate for the position they want to hire for.  Sometimes just keeping them in the know can work to a hirers advantage. They are appreciative when we let them know what it will take to get their first choice for the job rather than their second or third. Below are three important points to keep in mind to help navigate the hiring process in this robust job market.


Candidates are negotiating salary and benefits now. Even if they walk in to a situation knowing what will be offered and have good intentions of considering it, it’s very possible they will receive a counter offer or have an offer elsewhere. Flexibility is important.  With budget in mind, it may take very little to make your candidate choice, choose to work for you.  Again, many of them have options, so it’s important to do everything possible to make sure salaries are benchmarked for this market and to expect the possibility of a negotiation.


Time is of the essence. No one should rush to make a hire, but if you are sure about the candidate you want, don’t let too much time pass to get an offer out.  Again, it is very possible another offer will come along and as much as your agency can communicate that there are other options for someone who is great and stall them, ultimately they are likely to accept an attractive offer for a comparable role because it has come in first rather than risk the uncertainty of a company they are perceiving to be unsure about them because they are sitting on another offer.


Make sure everyone is on the same page.  If your candidate is interviewing with multiple individuals at your company, make sure that you are all communicating the same message about expectations, duties, salary, schedule, culture, etc. When a candidate walks away after hearing something much different than what they were originally told or conflicting information about the job it comes across as a red flag. They are less likely to go elsewhere if there is a consistent and clear message from all your employees.


At the end of the day we want to present our clients with the best talent available, any company’s most valuable asset. We also want our candidates to be excited about the companies they interview with and feel as fortunate at the prospect of working there, as we know they would be to do so!  We are the bridge for a strong partnership, creating a secure and steady pathway for top talent and amazing opportunities to meet.

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By Rich Bono

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