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Candidates Give Back: Donna S.


Donna S. Candidates Give Back Series - Staff Insight
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By Rich Bono

One of Staff Insight’s excellent candidates, Donna Snover is part of our “Candidates Give Back” series consisting of candidate advice and lessons learned while on their career path. We asked Donna several questions about her professional experience, and advice for those also considering the same career decisions and how working with a staffing agency is playing a part in it. 

What industry did you start your career in and what are you currently doing?

My career started in graphic design. I owned a business for many years that catered to the design/marketing needs of large corporate accounts. After selling the business and taking time off to raise my family I pursued a career in interior design. After 10 year of arranging furniture, hanging art, and adding finishing decorative accessories, I wanted a change. Little did I know that my career path would lead to working for a law firm.

What prompted you to get an administrative/receptionist job in the corporate world?

I decided to contact an employment agency to broaden my search options. Initially, I explored temporary positions as a way to gain exposure to various opportunities/companies. I was asked by Staff Insight, LLC if I would be interested in going on a temporary assignment at a law firm. I ended up thoroughly enjoying  the company and people.  I was asked to stay permanently and gladly accepted.

What advice would you give someone who wants to make a “career” change or just re-enter the workforce after several years?

Many of the skills you possess are marketable and transferrable. Whether you are looking for a career change or re-entering the workforce after several years, contacting an employment agency is a great place to start. Temporary assignments can open up possibilities you may have never entertained. They can also provide a “foot in the door” to a desirable company. 

Temp to perm positions provide an opportunity to “try” a new position/company before committing to full time employment. This exposure can help narrow down options, gain relevant work experience, learn new skills, provide great networking opportunities, and gain potentially valuable referrals.


What prompted you to use an agency?

I was familiar with the great reputation Staff Insight, LLC. had in the industry. I was confident they would provide me with quality opportunities, support, and encouragement as I navigated a career change.

  It was important to me to show continuous employment on my resume, knowing it may be more difficult to switch careers at my age. Working with a staffing agency afforded me the opportunity to showcase my skills and knowledge to a potential employer as I worked to secure permanent employment. It proved to be a very successful relationship and one I would encourage others to consider.

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