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Candidates Give Back: Harrison Fiscus


Harrison Fiscus, Candidates Give Back Series - Staff Insight
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By Lori Prickett

One of Staff Insight’s excellent candidates, Harrison Fiscus is part of our “Candidates Give Back” series consisting of candidate advice and lessons learned while on their career path. We asked Harrison several questions about his early professional experience, as well as advice for those considering the same career decisions and how working with a staffing agency has played a part in it. 


Where are you going to school and what are you pursuing a career in?

I am attending the University of California, Berkeley where I am studying Business Administration and Data Science. Following graduation I plan on pursuing a career in technology either in consulting or corporate strategy.


How has your previous temporary work influenced your career and educational decisions?


When I first started working at Staff Insight, LLC. I really had no idea what career I was interested in. At the time, I really was seeking an opportunity that allowed me to explore all my options and in a quick manner so I could prioritize the fields and industries I liked and disliked. Being placed at Nanthealth for my first temporary assignment, a healthcare technology company, helped me identify that technology was a field I was really interested in. Furthermore, Staff Insight, LLC also did a great job helping me craft and rework my resume. I wouldn’t be where I am today without that foundation.


Would you recommend temporary work/internships to other college students?


Temporary work was a fantastic opportunity for someone in my position who is just beginning to enter the workforce. As someone who really didn’t know what profession I wanted to pursue, temping allowed me the opportunity to experience different industries through my work at different companies. These cycles allowed me to observe the inner workings of a different corporate environment while also helping me develop soft skills like communication and teamwork which are universally applicable to every job. Additionally, these opportunities also allowed me to network with the people at these firms, form genuine business connections, and expand my network overall.

What is a piece of advice you would give to someone following a similar education and career path?


I think it is extremely important to keep an open mind when it comes to deciding the career path best for you. Too many times I see friends and colleagues follow a one-track mindset and fall apart when they hit a dead end. Especially when you are young, it is important to pursue as many experiences as possible to ensure you find the path that’s best for you. For this reason, I would strongly recommend looking into an opportunity that provides the same or similar flexibility to temporary work. Staff Insight, LLC. not only has a plethora of temporary work opportunities but they also do an amazing job helping you identify the best career for you and then preparing you for that field with interview help and resume reviews.

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