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Candidates Give Back: Christian Guarino


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By Rich Bono

One of Staff Insight’s all-star contractors, Christian Guarino is part of our “Candidates Give Back” series consisting of candidate advice and lessons learned while on their career path. We asked Christian several questions about his current professional transition and how his experience working with a staffing agency is playing a part in it. His insight on going to graduate school to pursue a career in education after working for years in a completely different sector is inspirational. We hope it gives encouragement to other folks out there trying to make a transition and achieve their goals!

What industry did you start your career in and are working in currently? 

I came out of the financial sector, which was really a family business.  At the moment, I am a contractor in Healthcare Technology. Contracting through Staff Insight allows me the flexibility I need while attending grad school and pursue my original passion, which is education.

What prompted such a big career change and going back to school?

I woke one morning and asked myself, “Is this what you want to do for the rest of your life?” and the answer was “No”. I knew it was time for a change and needed to earn a living but also take steps to further my education to achieve my career goals in my industry of choice. I needed to keep all my options open in terms of finding work that would be compatible with my class schedule and leave time for studying.  Working with a staffing agency to find a compatible work situation was a great decision for me.

What advice would you give someone who wants to change their career path and pursue their education further?

Don’t listen to the “noise” around you. No matter what others may say, if you feel it’s the best decision for you, GO FOR IT! Also, work with people that are supportive of your goals.  There are recruiters out there that really want to help and find a situation that is right for you.  They are an option worth exploring.

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